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april 2010

Blind Barber opens in the East Village. An idea that Jeff had written on a piece of paper comes to life thanks to some handshakes and Josh and Adam’s killer experience in the F&B world.

The minute the doors opened, we knew we were onto something. Friends came through, parties were thrown and a brand was born.

May 2010

Ideas are real things with real energy. You just need to have the right ingredients to bring them to life: hard work, passion, honesty and most importantly, great friends. see video

shot by Atif Ateeq (Aka HAPPY MONDAY)

June 2010

One from the esteemed Frank Bruni for the Tipsy Diaries in the New York Times.

read NYT article

June 2010

We scored 3 New York Times pieces in a week.

“The Blind Barber is sure to become one of the city’s premiere destinations, attracting locals, creatives and the adventurous to the downtown area.”

June 2010

And then we danced.

December 2010

Blind Barber was always meant to be a place of community and creativity.

Our first Head Barber, Gogy Esparza, took the reins and directed our first video which was premiered on Hypebeast. 🎥 by Atif Ateeq.

Featuring: Aj the Barber, Curtis Kulig, Richard Haines, 40oz Van, Dice the God, Bosco, Eric Poon, MeLo-X. see video


january 2011

So this happened ...
T.O. joins us for a Charity Event

and ends up wearing our watchcap collab with Reason Clothing. Also, Sammy Sweetheart from Jersey Shore was in the spot.

May 2011

We decided to take the party outdoors during our second Summer by co-hosting THE rooftop BBQ of the year (miss ya roomie). see video

JULY 2011

Who better to help launch new work-styles from Dockers than the barbers behind the chairs. Dockers featured the Blind Barber crew in their Alpha Khaki campaign shot by Cass Bird.

august 2011

We did our first pop up at Project NYC.

Sat down with Marcus Troy to talk about how it all felt. We built this whole set up by hand (it was actually too big to fit through the door so we had to cut it in half and put back together once inside).

This was a big step for us, bringing our brand into the lifestyle & fashion realm.



Mac Miller Shoots "Smile Back" at BB EV FULL VIDEO

We were fans before and even bigger fans after we had the chance to meet this incredible person. This will forever be a cherished moment; allowing us to be a part of his artistry.


A cut, a conversation and a beer in the back with Frederick Bouchardy of Joya brings our first product to life: Tompkins Scented Candle by Blind Barber x JOYA Studios.


june 2012

Back in NYC The Drums stopped by BB in the East Village

november 2012

And to top off the year, we get to give a beard trim to arguably the greatest hip hop artist of all time, Andre 3000 – in the middle of Times Square.



Look good, feel good. Wallpaper named our pomade Best in Design.

June 2013

Blind Barber Culver City turns 1! FULL VIDEO


Fall Classic 1 - Blind Barber teamed up with Alex Maier, Rob Wilce, Fohr, Nike, and Men's Fashion Week to put on a 5v5 basketball game where we showed that the shop doesn't just debate basketball greats but can hoop too. Took home the W!

november 2013

What started as a small passion project slowly started to gain traction in the industry. Blind Barber products named Best of Beauty by Allure Magazine.



Let's run it back. Fashion Week - McNairy - Travis Scott. ’Nuff said.


A core focus of Blind Barber is to continuously find ways to give back.

In May of 2014, we teamed up with Movember and built a barbershop at their office in Culver City and donated proceeds to charity. Full Video


january 2015

Blind Barber goes to Sundance to cut some hair for the movie industry's up & comers. Full Video

november 2015

When a simple idea and good energy brings you across the globe to meet and share your passions with new friends, you know there is something special happening.

In November of 2015, we boarded a plane and took our show on the road to launch Blind Barber products in Japan.

Full Video


january 2016

Knickerbocker Mfg x BB Watchcap Collab

We lived around the block from each other in Bushwick, grabbed coffee together and sipped on a bunch of beers. It was only a matter of time we'd find a way to partner up. Everyone has a bad hair day right? Full Video

february 2016

Be the first full barber shop to plant a flag in Barneys New York? Sure.

For 4 years we provided the same good vibes as our shops in LA and NY inside of Barney's. Good times while they lasted.

october 2016

The World Tour continues: Blind Barber heads to Mexico City to unveil our good friends' new shop Uncommon Projects! (Miss ya Monika, Carolina, Yoshua and Max)


january 2017

And then it happened. The brilliant & hilarious Dave Chappelle came through (with friends) and performed an intimate show alongside our good friends and incredible talents from the Secret Show. Full Video

march 2017

We double-eagled the bogey and par for the course, popped up at The Masters to give all the best golfers in the world a fresh cut for the back 9.

october 2017

From Russia with love: Blind Barber is invited to demonstrate our techniques at one of the premier conventions in the world.


january 2018

The tour continues: Blind Barber heads out to Shanghai to launch our product line in China!

july 2018

Can't stop, won't stop. Blind Barber opens up at the Moxy Hotel in Times Square.


september 2019

A few years ago, we were fortunate to have the Arlo Hotels request to carry our line as the exclusive amenity in their NYC hotels.

Those little cuties being stocked in hotel rooms was the start of a great relationship. When they took over the Nautilus Hotel in Miami, they asked us and our new partner Max Pierre to build the BB concept in their new space, so we did.


march 2020

Covid Hits. What a wild time.

In a blink of an eye, the world had shut down, OUR world had shut down. There was no end in sight so all we did was the best we could with what had available. see video

By: @Efilms

December 2020

10 years later doing what we have always done: hanging with friends, feeling good and dancing the nights away. Let's keep this going. [ALL SUMMA PARTY / WINE NIGHT]


January - June 2021

COVID: It was relentless. It never let up. Time crawled by; defined by masks, glass partitions, weird rules, false starts and uncertainity. However, through all of that madness we and our communities stuck together and in Dec 2021 the restrictions were lifted. We were back in biz. see video

By: @Efilms



march 2023

Blind Barber does NYFW: Backstage for Heron Preston's first NYC show. SEE VIDEO

may 2023

Let's get sudsy. Blind Barber launches it's Nourishing Body Bar!



So, here we are, 13 years later still doing what we love: hanging with friends, feeling good, giving slick cuts and dancing the nights away (mostly on zoom parties right now but hey, we'll take it). And to think, all of this from a simple beer with a haircut. Here's to the next 10 years. Stay Handsome.

September 2020

Oh and one last thing, we made a T-Shirt that you can purchase from our store to celebrate with us.

visit the shop

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